Fretboard Keys

We’ve updated the virtual fretboard to make it more aware of the associated key signature when you add a scale or chord. What this means is that the note names you now see displayed on the fretboard should include the correct number of sharp (#) and flat (b) notes.

There is also a new display option that allows you to tweak note names if you want to change something – click on the ‘Key Sig’ button on the Display Options tab and you will see the the Key Sig panel. It shows all the possible note names: the shaded notes are in the current scale and the red borders show the names currently in use. You can change the display name of a note by clicking on the appropriate box. Here’s an example for Eb Major:

Changing the note name in the Key Sig panel changes all the note names on the fretboard. Don’t forget that you can change individual note names by using the ‘Edit Text’ button on the Edit panel.

Hope you find this useful and let us know what you think.

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