We’ve had some requests to add tab to our virtual music stand so we’ve started by adding a simple auto-tab feature to the virtual fretboard.

If you have a scale or chord pattern on your virtual fretboard you can use the auto-tab feature to automatically create tab for the pattern. There are several auto-tab options to choose from such as ‘every note ascending’ , ‘every other note ascending’, ‘groups of 3 ascending’, ‘thirds’, ‘groups of 4′ etc etc. The example in the picture shows the C Major scale auto-tabbed in an ascending thirds pattern.

The auto-tab feature means it is very easy to create the most common tab patterns associated with scales and chords with a single click – we think this will be useful in an online guitar lesson when a teacher wants to quickly illustrate how to play or practice a scale or chord pattern. You can also use the auto-tab feature to create tab to download as a jpg to your desktop.

Let us know what you think about the auto-tab feature and look out for a more comprehensive tab option coming soon.

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